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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Busy Busy time of the year!!

Well got the garden planted last Saturday,consisting of summer squash,cukes,maters,beans,peas,beets,radishs,lettuce,spinach,corn,zuchhini,carrots,i am sure i an missing a few things lol

Anyways we have quite a few plants already comming up.
Going to be busy canning this summer as i plan on going to the local farmers market and getting fresh fruit and more veggies.
Baby chickies are doing well,have been getting 12+ eggs from the big girls,which is real good because i have been selling them like crazy!!
all thogether when the babies grow up i will have 27 layers and 1 roo!
Craziness i tell ya!1 and i still want more chickens...they are addicting....kinda like tater chips ya cant have just one. Would LOVE  to get some silkie hens!! But maybe some day.
As for the quest for a German Shepherd puppy thats not to much $4 yea ok....probably not gonna happen..maybe i can find one someone is giving away..even if its half shepherd i dont care just as long as it looks like one.


  1. Aww, I wish you lived closer!! One of my friends has full blood babies 6 weeks she's trying to find homes for.

  2. well the hell....wonder how much it'd be to ship...whats she asking for them?