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Friday, May 27, 2011

Wicked weather is finally over for now!

WOW!!!!!! What else can i say??!! Joplin MO got hit hard by a twister on sunday....Joplin is like 30 minutes from us!1 it was an EF5 and alot of people are homeless missing and over 100 have been killed. :(.Monday through Wednesday we had tornado warnings and VERY severe weather watches and warnings. The weather has finally calmed down and its sunny again...the Oklahoma that i love so much!
 The garden is doing really well,except for a few mater plants that got some hail damage but i think they will get new leaves on them. No pussoms here lately so i'm thinking we got them all either that or they just stopped commin around for fear of dying.
Floor is done in kitchen...just got to save money so i can buy linoleum for it need to redo the floor in the living room and decide on a carpet for that...need to decide on paint for the walls in the kitchen and living room also...remodlein is a pain but it will look nice once we get it all done.
Today is the last day of scool and then its summer vacation.Dally is goin to go campin this weekend with a bunch of her friends..so she'll have a good start to her vacation.
Dallas passed her CNA test with a 90! we are SO proud of her!!!  Next year he is gonna take pre LPN then go for her RN after she graduates...wow...next year she will be a senior!!!Time sure does fly!!!
Speaking of time i have to get my rear end in gear lots to do.....y'all have a wonderful day!!! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well so far hubby and i have killed 3 and our wolfdog,Mieko has killed 3! They just keep comming!!  i hate killing but i dont want them getting my chickens either.
Floor in the kitchen is almost done...have a lil bit yet to do this weekend then all the plywood will be down,then we have to save $4 to get the linoleum for it. Can't decide on a color to paint the walls so i will be lookin at paint samples...gonna have a rooster border to go along with all my rooster dec'or also gonna put in another window facing the backyard,as we think the kitchen is a bit dark and i like a nice bright kitchen.

Garden is growing very nicely! can't wait to get fresh veggies,gonna be busy canning too! Y'all have a wonderful day!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Busy Busy time of the year!!

Well got the garden planted last Saturday,consisting of summer squash,cukes,maters,beans,peas,beets,radishs,lettuce,spinach,corn,zuchhini,carrots,i am sure i an missing a few things lol

Anyways we have quite a few plants already comming up.
Going to be busy canning this summer as i plan on going to the local farmers market and getting fresh fruit and more veggies.
Baby chickies are doing well,have been getting 12+ eggs from the big girls,which is real good because i have been selling them like crazy!!
all thogether when the babies grow up i will have 27 layers and 1 roo!
Craziness i tell ya!1 and i still want more chickens...they are addicting....kinda like tater chips ya cant have just one. Would LOVE  to get some silkie hens!! But maybe some day.
As for the quest for a German Shepherd puppy thats not to much $4 yea ok....probably not gonna happen..maybe i can find one someone is giving away..even if its half shepherd i dont care just as long as it looks like one.